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There she goes – bold, bright and wonderful!
You wouldn’t have thought but the world’s her oyster
Pressure, what pressure! She is like a fly on the wall
A Nutcracker hijabi!

Her feelings guide her day and night
The feelings are her life
Feelings are what make the world right

She swishes her hijab at those critics
Throws her thinking cap on and flys, flys, flys
She is invincible! Oh, I wish I could be like her!

She is changing the World
Look at her ideas, imagination and creative thinking
People’s attitude will not stop her get to the top, top, top

Things are getting tight, the deadlines are mounting up
And what? Last minute assignment
She has the confidence, she knows how to pass

She can stand strong when all else fails
When the support and encouragement has gone astray
She finds, the love, praise and connection from others in her life

She is coached and mentored – Part of the ingredients of a successful life
Helping others, supporting the weak is all part of her greater good
Look! Can you see her confidence flowing?

She will reach the top
She will keep flying
She can’t be broken not by you, her or I!