Appearances can be deceiving

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I have been having infrequent discuss with a lady at work about goals in life. She is an intelligent, thoughtful, well-dressed pretty woman. She seems to ooze confidence and energy for life. I had this picture in my head of various achievements in her life like a degree, husband and well travelled. However, after a long discussion, she made me realise that appearances can be deceiving.

She had studied three years for a degree but had failed or dropped out due to difficult circumstances in her life. She explained that her father had died when she was young and her mother worked and brought up her, her brother and sister. She then went on to tell me she was 36 years old (I honestly believed she was 28) and had come to peace with not completing her degree. She expressed she was happy and content with her achievements but she could not hide the fact that there was something missing in her life. Maybe a husband? I dared not to ask!! She was brought as a Christian but was not practicing. She carried herself with respect, honesty, dignity and humility; qualities I believe are Islamic. However, what made her even more interesting was the fact that she had helped her mum to raise her brother and sister. She stills lives at home and it appeared to me that her mum is a strong source of comfort and love for her. Her mum gave her the freedom to go away to university but unfortunately that did not work out for her. I loved the fact that she was content with not going back to uni. She is proud of who she is and what she has achieved. I want this - InshaAllah! However, subhanAllah, she came into my life at time when I am struggling to make sense of my academic achievements. My current battle with whether I want to go to uni has been with me for seven years! The time has come for me to make a decision and I don’t want to defer for another year. For me, I believe it’s either now or never. I don’t want this decision to be the vane of my existence (I know, it is putting it strongly but unfortunately my emotions are running high on this subject). May Allah help me make the right decision.

I look back and I think back to all the things I have achieved compared to what I haven’t. I think the proudest moment of my academic life was representing my husband in Immigration Tribunal Court and finding out that I had won his case. Hooray! I want to hold on to these achievements regardless of whether I go back to uni or not.

I think the moral to this story is firstly, don’t judge a book by its cover, be happy and content with your life as Allah knows what’s best and even if you are 36, not married, no kids and no degree – just enjoy what you have in life and keep making achievable goals. I will try to put this into practice especially in analysing whether getting a degree is an achievable goal.

Will I or Won't I?

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I have warned myself off from apologies for not doing my blog for sometime because I read somewhere that you shouldn’t! I half agree but I feel that since I want to help others than an apology is due to those who have been waiting for my next blog!!!

A lot has happened and this has left me with little time to write a blog and some of my vava voom has been sucked out of me to write something meaningful. However, the juices are following a moment and I’m going to talk about aspirations.

At the moment, I am trying to decide on whether to accept a place at university to study Law. I really am stuck! I am torn by my previous bad experience of studying mixed with the fear of not getting a First Class degree and pulled by the fact that I have work and family commitments. I realised the other day that I spent more time helping my mum with odd jobs than studying for my degree. I got into the classic trap of not saying ‘no’ and sacrificing my needs for that of others. Alhamdulliah, I realise this now and InshaAllah I can move forward from this. A big part of moving forward though will be me getting my own place with of course hubby! Please make dua.

I have been running around like a headless chicken trying to figure what I want to do with my life. My dad told me the other day that he was very happy I was going back to uni but thought I should have done that a long time ago!! I remember only yesterday him telling me that I should move on from the notion of uni. Nevermind! It’s these small little things that weigh me down and make my decision making process very hard. I’m like this child who either wants it one way or no way at all. For instance, my immediate reaction to my dad’s response is not to go to uni as I don’t want to do it for him and I don’t want him to put unnecessary pressure on me as he did before. The child within me needs to be understood and allowed to mature. However, I’m not quite sure how I’m going to go about this. Any psychologist/ physiotherapists out there?

Well, I need to make a decision soon as I need to enrol by October or maybe in two weeks. (Need to double check.) I believe that it would be great to do an assignment and get some wonderful feedback on it, to rediscover the law, meet new people (and make life long friends) and get my degree. Part of me believes that I will regret it if I don’t get my degree. I don’t want more regret in my life. I have enough of them. InshaAllah, I will go to uni this year. I’ve done my guidance prayer and I will leave the rest to Allah (SWT).