Parent Trap

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It’s difficult juggling your problems and dealing with family’s own dilemmas. How does one cope? Being married and still living with your family is obviously not easy especially when tension arises between your spouse and family. It can be those little things, which add up, and make things a lot worse. Alhamdula things are not there yet but its scary as feelings get bruised and some people won’t forget those moments of anger and insanity.

How does one build their own life away from their family without causing them pain? There is no easy answer but there are tactics, which could be used, and I have to deploy. When one is very close to their family especially a parent its sometimes difficult for them to let go. It stems from probably being the eldest and the one that can always be relied on. That’ s a big burden. However, it can drive you insane. My best friend gave me a useful priority line on how to manages one’s responsibilities which I would like to share:


I added a few extra stops between ‘you’ and ‘spouse’ as if you don’t have your health and happiness than how can you deal with the rest.

For some reasons certain people will forgive but won’t forget. I appreciate that in certain circumstances it’s hard as the hurt can go deep and have been inflicted repeatedly. However, the Prophet (PBUH) dealt with the worst form of humiliation and still wanted peace and the best outcome for those people. Lets all learn from this and give ourselves a break from this hurt. Ask yourself this question: Does that person still care for you? Inshallah, the answer is yes and one can take hope that they will in time regret and feel remorse for their actions.