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This is my first official fast for Ramadan. As a diabetic, I was told never to fast because it would make me ill. However, with development of DNA insulin this has meant that I am now able to fast.

Basically, insulin can be split into two. Background insulin, which covers sugars that the liver dumps, and quick acting insulin, which is used for carbohydrates that I eat. So, to fast I have to take my background and quick acting insulin at sahoor. It is important that I take my background insulin at set times so 4am and then again at 8pm in order to keep my sugars stabilised. I do not need to take any more insulin until Iftar. It is important that if you are a diabetic, you understand your illness and seek medical advice before fasting.

I had a few teasing problems with getting the right amount of insulin into my system which meant I haven’t been able to fast some of the first 15 days of Ramadan. I started having low blood sugars, which meant I had to break my fast otherwise Allah (SWT), would consider it to be invalid.

I’ve felt left out during Ramadan for the obvious reason that my diabetes wouldn’t allow me to fast. I wanted to feel that hunger, patience, experience what the poor go through, self-control and importantly being close to Allah (SWT). At one point, I felt a fraud because I found it hard to do 20 taraweh prayers even though my belly was full all day from enjoying all the wonderful food my parents prepared. Now that I more empowered myself with the knowledge of the deen, I believe that my illness was given to me for a reason especially in helping others who cannot afford insulin. I also realised that Allah (SWT) forgave me and others with illnesses especially to ease possible hardship. It is all about the intention and wanting to better oneself as a Muslim but without putting oneself in danger.

May Allah (SWT) make this Holy and best of all months a blessed one for all the Ummah. May Allah (SWT) accept everyone’s fast, prayers, duas, sadaqah and zakat. May Allah (SWT) make us stronger and better Muslims. May Allah (SWT) send us all to jina faradous. Ameen.


ammena said...

alhamdulillah and ameen to your duaa sis :D

Big Sis said...

JazakAllah sis for your comment!

Umm Nassim said...

Wa alaikum assalam,

I ran into your blog via Umm Saliha's site. Congratulations on your fasting! I am a type I diabetic ...not fasting, though. InshaAllah your new insulin regime will bring some good changes for you. I am on the insulin pump and it has changed my life. Never let anyone tell you it cannot be done! I am sending duaa your way.

Umm Nassim said...

oops, of course I meant Umm Salihah's(WITH H) site...just to be clear and stay out of her "rage" :-)

Rainbow In The Grey Sky said...

that's great , you have educated me sis, ameen to the duas and mayyour efforts be rewarded, i know someone with the same issue now i am off to tell her!

Big Sis said...

JazakAllah khair sisters for your comments. InshaAllah all goes well with the pump!!!