The Dream is within your grasp

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Reading, writing, arithmetic's - The starting talents to greater things

We need maps and plans - a sense of direction to build that way

Keep it alive, big and wonderful. Who cares what they say!

Shout it on the roof tops, tell the other half, and buy a promotional slot on TV

Hear it just hear that dream come alive

Mohammed (PBUH), Dr King, Nelson Mandela, Barak Obama and Marian Williamson to name but a few

Let’s learn and make our mark in the world

They will say it's ridiculous, they will say you're mad

But who will have the last laugh when the millions roll your way

Frustration belongs to loser

As at times it will be hard, crazy and hopeless

Let the tears roll down

Get the support

Destroy that stress - Laugh, pray, listen or visualise - bang, bang, bang its gone!

Keep your family, friends and supporters near and positive energy killers afar

30 years in the making and the success is yours!

Believe in me, you and I

Come on I dare you, DREAM!!


Safiyyah said...

Salaams Sis:

Just dropping by to say hello. You haven't posted in awhile. Insha Allah all is well with you!

iMuslimah said...

Big sis! Assalamu alaykum :)

How are you? Inshaallah you are well and in the best imaan and health.

update us soon!


kaiza shozey said...

heheheh. nice post. enjoyed it alot

Big Sis said...

Salam wa alaykum one and all. I'm back from Hajj. InshaAllah you find the post on it rewarding!!