Mother and Daugther

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The hardest part of moving out is leaving my mum. Fortunately, I will only be down the road from her but it’s not the same. We’ve helped each through the good, the bad and the ugly! I suppose a real test of any relationship is how you handle the difficult times and my mum has always been my rock. My mum has seen me make some bad decisions and not judged me for it and then with the usual cakes, chocolate, crisps and ribena we have celebrated the high times. I think both my mum and I are more like sisters than mother and daughter.

Sometimes the roles have been reversed where I have taken charge like a mother especially when she was diagnosed with diabetes. My mum has always had the spirit of a fighter but this has withered over the years with her health. What comforts both of us is knowing that Allah SWT only tests the one he loves and I know Allah the Greatest loves my mum.

My mother is a beautiful lady with fair complexion. She is constantly been mistaken for being a French revert! MashaAllah. My mum loves to say I look like her but I don’t; I look like her more like my dad who has a dark, typical Saudi complexion. (My dad is very lucky to have a beautiful all rounded wife.) However, these comments are typical of my mum who sees the best in me and my brothers and sisters and yes in that way I’m more like her.

She has always welcomed people in a loving manner and encouraged me to help others. I remember when my mum was struggling financial and instead of crying and feeling depressed, she went to social services and asked for help. She didn’t want to see her kids without the basics. I asked my mum the other day whether she thought it would be ridiculous of me to shave off all my hair. (I wasn’t going to do the Britney thing, just a joke, although I’ve been told that if one shaves off their hair it will grow back stronger and thicker but I’m not willing to test that theory. Anyone tried it or anyone willing to test this theory?) My mum responded by advising me that I could do anything that made me happy. My brother quickly butted it and told me to behave! I believe that for a person who came into the UK knowing no English, having no friends or family for support and raising 5 kids then Jinna is InshaAllah the only place for her. As Allah SWT says “Jinna is underneath the mother’s feet”. InshaAllah I can take away the qualities my mum gave to me for my own children InshaAllah. It’s been a pleasure my beautiful mother. XOXOXO


Maryam said...

My favourite post to date. So heart warming.....


otowi said...

It hasn't gotten easier for me even after moving out. Now the big issue is moving to another town. I'm in a situation where it is like I have to choose between staying near my family and mom and having any chance at marrying a Muslim. I can't just get up on go on a chance so I've stayed here so far.

Big Sis said...

JazakAllah Qol khair sisters for the comments. May Allah grant you a husband near your mum sister. However wherever Allah takes, may he make it easy for you and your mum.

Hajar said...


What a lovely sweet little post. ^^ The prose that you use describes perfectly the close-knit relationship you have with your mum. Masha'Allah, I do envy you! Frankly speaking, I've stayed away from my mum for years, so I can sort of fit in your shoes. What I can say is, distance is not a factor. May all our mums be granted a place in Jannatul Firdaus.:)


Big Sis said...

JazakAllah khair for the beautiful comment

Safiyyah said...

As Salaamu Alaikum Dear:

Mabrook on getting a flat and all. I know it is bitter/sweet leaving your mum and all, but good thing that you will be nearby.

My SIL (non-Muslim) shaves her head all the time. She testifies that it comes in healthier and thicker. Allahu Alim. I'm not sure a Muslim woman is permitted to do this however.

Umm Salihah said...

Oh sis,
Your mum is a sweetheart. If you weren't my best friend, I would ask her.

You'll both be just fine insh'Allah.