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I moved into my new home last week! I wasn’t feeling very well which ironically helped me to move in. I’ve been worrying about this transition for sometime because of my mum. We are very close and we have found it hard to go through such a change (see previous post).

The house is spacious and well sized. The only problem is the lack of hot water. Alhamdula. Unfortunately it will cost an arm and a leg to correct such a problem as the council won’t pay to have this done. I feel kind of cross that the Housing Officer didn’t advice on such a problem as it would have put in us in a better position to decide whether we wanted the flat. I’m slightly apprehensive of complaining as I’m grateful to Allah SWT for granting me a lovely flat and at least I have some hot water coming through. May Allah forgive me for complaining! Also, I feel that since I don’t, as yet, have a secure tenancy I may be causing unnecessary tension with the Housing Officer. I was raring to go with a letter on why they should install a shower system for us!! Sometimes, I get this feeling of injustice and it hurts to the point where I have lots of ideas flowing for arguments I can put forward coupled with me scoffing down chocolate. The worst this feeling of injustice gets is the point where I can’t sleep. I also have neighbours who like to complain. I have to admit it was my fault for allowing DYI to happen quite late at night and now I feel like the ASBO neighbour lol. (ASBO is an order issued by the Courts, which put legal restrictions on someone, i.e. no noise after 6pm and so on. If breached, it could mean eviction or criminal proceedings.) InshaAllah, it won’t get that far!!! I’ve started tiptoeing around the house.

I’m also trying to get used to all the smells. There is this annoyingly dodgy smell in the hall way and I can’s seem to isolate who or what is the culprit. It could be coming from the carpets or wooden floors. I can’t quite work it out. I’ve sprayed air fresheners until I almost fainted!! I will beat this even if it causes me another dizzy act. LOL

My husband’s been very good at finding lovely things for the flat. MashaAllah. We are trying to make it as Islamically friendly as possible. Avoiding pictures especially of animals and people. I would love to have as much barak in the house as possible. InshaAllah my best friend and her family will come over and give me the thumbs up! Allah SWT has blessed me so much since returning from Hajj that InshaAllah it continues. May Allah bless you ALL.


Safiyyah said...

Salaams Big Sis!

Mabrook on your new place; Insha Allah you both will be very happy there!

Big Sis said...

JazakAllah khair sis for support and duas! May Allah bless you in this life and hereafter