The hassle of a sycophantic manager

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I’ve been back at work for over a month after a break of a year and half. It’s been good settling in and making new friends but the difficulty as usual comes from my manager. Newly promoted, she has a big learning curve which she is overcoming by sucking up to the senior managers. It’s so bad that one would think she kisses their feet. Many say she has hence her promotion.

This idea of being a sycophantic to get up the ladder is pathetic on so many levels. Not only do you lose your integrity but you lose your self-respect. The thing is no matter how well she tries to hide the things she does like sucking up to the senior managers, everyone knows. It’s hard on some level saying this about her especially as she is meant to be a Muslim sister but she puts the hijab to disgrace. Astaghfirullah. As a Muslim she should use that effort towards Allah. What happens if she dies tomorrrow? Shame on you manager. My best friend was working at my office (but alhamdulliah has left) and dealt with this pathetic manager. My manager showed no interesting in being friendly or even saying hello to her despite her efforts to be close to a sister. We both agreed that when we saw her pray we thought lets forgive her and give her a second chance. But as soon as she completed her prayers she was back to her horrid self. I don’t understand how she can pray to Allah and act like this to her fellow sisters. She even refuses to say hello to a sister at work!

I had a taste of her back stabbing today. It was so awful I thought what am I doing here? Need the money! Not only did she discuss my personal matters with HR in an inappropriate place but she made me know that she was doing it. The little whispering and glimpses towards me was hard to take and I thought let her backbit – Allah is watching her. However, when that ended she decided to get a kick at massacring my work in order to “make sense of it” when in actual fact she did the opposite. According to a colleague who had been previously managed by her advised me that she does this in order to fuel her superiority complex. I tried to take it on the chin and not make it personal as I thought this is not my dream job but it appears from what knowledge she has gathered it’s probably hers!

Well, once I got over that bad morning things only got worse. She decided to go behind my back and made no apologies for doing so and spoke to senior management about reasonable adjustments I wanted to put in place. She tried to insult my intelligence by claiming that senior management had made the decision but I finally got her to admit that she had actually decided not to put them into place. I was so angry and upset by then that she tried to comfort me by telling me not to be upset. But why upset me in the first place? Probably the best thing to do is to go to senior management and get them to try and approve things for me. I’m trying not to think bad thoughts about her but she almost ruined my evening and has made life a lot more difficult for me at work. Inshallah, she gets what’s coming to her soon.

My brother’s tip is work should stay at work as soon as you step foot out of the door as you don’t get paid to continue thinking about it. That is sound advice but difficult to put into practice. I think I need to be hypnotised to make it work!


Umm Salihah said...

SAlaams Sis,
I am so sorry thats things have gotten so bad. You know you are always in my dua's. May Allah bless you with better people around you, with good health and of course with a perfect little bubba.