Having a structure in Life

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There are so many different lives out in this world that one wonders how they structure their lives in order to achieve day to day tasks or great things. For instance, doing a job, taking care of kids or studying. This may seem like a peculiar point to make but it is relevant in this fast moving world.

A friend is seeing a psychotherapist in order to understand this and other things. She is trying to make sense of mistakes she has made, how to overcome them and why she cannot move forward. The psychotherapist is helping her analyse the various situations affect her life and trying to find the route problem. I think many of us can benefit from psychotherapy which can be conducted not just by a psychotherapist but through other means like writing a blog. Although when a person cannot handle their problems or are lost or need proper guidance then a psychotherapist many be a good way in resolving personal problems.

It can be hard trying to multitask and to keep up the appearance of being a ace person at a particular job or task. However, a particular problem which can be hard to overcome is one’s self–perception. Wanting to meet those unearthly demands and creating unrealistic goals can lead to disappointment and failure. This in turn starts a vicious cycle of trying to achieve the impossible which then leads to heartache. If one steps back and congratulates themselves for what they have achieved that day then those positive remarks can build up your self-esteem and confidence. There are so many self-help books promoting interesting ideas some of which do and don’t work but in all I found the central theme not necessarily promoted by these books is to have faith not only in yourself but in Allah.

“With every difficult there comes easy”.

This beautiful saying from Allah denotes so much meaning but at its simplistic it can mean that the easiest tasks can present their own challenges but in turn can bring a reward because you have completed it. Lets take an example, writing minutes. This can be very simple but to some people it can present a challenge due to personal or external expectations which can then make the challenge seem impossible. However, when one stops thinking about all these expectations and completes the task to their best ability then the rewards is having completed it. Also, if you find this task easy then your reward might be less but still enough to boost your confidence to say to yourself well at least I did it! The key is to remember to give yourself the small pat on the back in order to allow those positive juices to continue flowing. It only takes one negativity to forget all your positives and there may be many more positives which you have achieved but need to learn to recognise no matter how small they maybe to bash away the negativity.

Inshallah brothers and sisters we can all find inner peace, confidence and happiness through the help of Allah.


iMuslimah said...

Yay! Another post :)

As'salamu alaykum!

I am in favor of seeking professional help with hitting a metaphorical "wall" in life. I think that it should be done foremost with supplications to Allah for guidance and mercy.

I actually sought help once, when I was in the midst of a divorce. It helped me see things more clearly, and taught me that I have to be true to myself. The sessions were few in number but valuable. No regrets here.

Being muslim, one of the hardest things to accept is that Allah will never give us more than we can bear. Its a fundamental lesson in faith, belief, and knowing the He is always with us :)

Ciao bella!

Big Sis said...

Salam wa alaykum sister,

Jazakallah for the comment.

I agree that any form of help as long as it is done right can be beneficial. Inshallah we can all find peace in our lives.