How to get dividends from life

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I’ve been pondering for a few weeks about my decision making process. I noticed a pattern in that when the going gets tough, I get going! My sabr seems to be the size of a goldfish when it comes to difficult situations, which has landed me in hot water.

I took a step back and sat with a friend to help me analyse the reasons for my mad decision-making. This is what we came up with:

1. I do far too much for my family
2. I’ve allowed my family to rely on me to do the silliest things like organise and buy plane tickets, make appointments with doctors!!
3. I’ve not allowed other things in my life to empower me like my education and career.
4. I have not learned to say ‘no’ enough.
5. I use the problems I face with my family as an excuse to quit my education and job.
6. I need to realise that the pressure at home is far too much and that anyone in situation would have cracked by now!
7. I need to focus on me me me
8. I need to disassociate myself from many of my family’s problems.
9. I need to find the right opportunity to move out and not use the excuse of my family being too much as this is counter productive as the real problem is how I’ve allowed them to affect my life. This will also leave a bad feeling in my heart and won’t really solve the underlying problem.
Way forward – A few suggestions:

1. Understand my mistakes.
2. Learn to grow.
3. Feel positive about who and what I am.
4. Say positive things about myself as putting myself down will just make me less confident.
5. Stop listen to that annoying gremlin on my left shoulder who keeps breaking my confidence and self-esteem.
6. Strength my Imam.
7. Turn to Allah.
8. Be a better wife.
9. Travel to other countries.
10. Stop hating my manager.
11. Stop always giving people advice and let them learn for themselves.
12. Go on a mediation course.
13. Get my own place.

This list will keep growing and InshaAllah I can fulfil them ALL.

Try and make a list of your own.


Anonymous said...

Assalam o Alaikum, sister. Thank you for dropping by my blog, and for the kind and sweet words. Alhumdulillah, that I was able to help. That was my purpose, to reach out.

I have moved on to my new home at wordpress. I love that particular post of mine, so I am going to include it in my new blog. Not many infertile Muslim women come forward to share their thoughts. They suffer silently.

I just want them to know that they are not alone in their struggles.

JazakAllah khair for your kind thoughts. I am going to link to you in my blog.

Big Sis said...

JazakAllah for your comments sister!

ammena said...

insha'allah u will accomplish what you intend to do sis :) can i add ur blog to my blog list?

Anonymous said...

You've just been tagged.

Big Sis said...

Salam wa alaykum sisters

Of course ammena - your more than welcome to add me!