My supplication to Allah

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Oh Allah help me in my time of need! I cant handle being managed by her.
Im trying to be a good muslimah and not back bite but I feel very hurt.
Oh Allah when I seem to be making progress with her something bad seems to happen.
I’m not sure what to do Allah?
I know she is writing something about me – possibly something bad.
How can I please her when she hurts me so badly?
Oh Allah help me!
Guide me Allah…Ya Allah make me feel better soon!
Help me Allah through my time of need and give me justice due to the pain I have suffered. Make me a better person from all of this and let me never experience it again.
Make her into a better, caring and loving person.
A muslimah to be proud of.
Also make us Muslims an Ummah to be proud of.
Ya Allah accept my prayer and grant me swift relief.


Rainbow In The Grey Sky said...

Aslamu alakum habibati
I AM SORRY, you are suffering yet again at the hands of this manager Allah Al Must'aan. Ameen Ameen thuma Ameen to your dua ukti! Be strong what unfolds is written and it was not meant to be any other way, all is for a reason , hardship is a blessing as it brings us closer to Allah,i may suggest praying Qiyam ul Layl (Tuhujad) , the night prayer and asking Allah for reilf, you are in my duas sister.hugsXXX

Big Sis said...

Jazakallah sister for the support and relief. When is the best time to do the night prayer?

Umm Salihah said...

Oh ukhti,
I think I may have to visit this cow and give her a piece of my mind. If a sweetheart like you can't deal with her, then who can?

Best time for Tahajjud is in the last part of the night before Farr darling.

Big Sis said...

Jazakallah khair sister for advice - Inshallah things get easier!!!

msa said...

give me your details and i will make a complaint about her, again and again... sometimes you have to takw action!!!

msa said...

i meant Her deatils (i also know a hitman...)